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Tarot Readings with Gwyn Padden-Lechten

Sunday, September 10 • 12-4 PM


Gwyn Padden-Lechten is a Nature-centered Psychic Medium and Dreamwalker. She uses tarot and oracle cards as a tool for inner guidance and self-exploration for her client readings. During her readings be open to messages from beyond the veil as she never can tell who may come forth to offer supporting energy. Dream magic is one of Gwyn’s specialties. She offers dream interpretation and dream magic workshops. Since childhood, she has recognized her dreams, intuition, and connection to Nature as a normal way of life. Her readings are filled with healing energy and powerful insights to provide clarity to those seeking guidance about particular situations, events and emotions.

$60 per half hour session. Walk-in appointments will be taken as availability allows.
*Time slots fill up quickly, so please call (608) 588-3313 to set up an appointment.

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